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Tailored Care Enterprises, LLC is a Wisconsin-based company founded by Dr. Rhonda J.V. Montgomery, an internationally renowned researcher in the field of family caregiving.

Tailored Care Enterprises provides families, providers, payers and licensed professionals with an evidenced based care management support system called Tailored Caregiver Assessment and Referral® (TCARE®).

TCARE® is a six-step care management process that is designed to help care managers and professionals efficiently triage resources and services available within a community to effectively address the caregivers’ needs. TCARE is grounded in the Caregiver Identity Change Theory, articulated by Montgomery and Karl Kosloski (Montgomery, Rowe & Kosloski, 2007). The caregiver identity change theory describes caregiving as a systematic process of identity change (e.g., change from original familial role of child to caregiver, and change from original familial role of spouse to caregiver). This identity change is understood to be a significant factor influencing the type and level of caregivers’ stress and burden.

Through our research collaborations and new organizations learning about the positive implications of TCARE® every day, the TCARE® support system is currently used by over 250 organizations in 17 states and has helped over 15,000 family caregivers nationwide.


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