About Our Data

Family caregivers provide the majority of long-term care for persons with chronic illnesses and disabilities. Although increasing efforts have been made to develop and provide support services for caregivers, the scarcity of resources to support caregivers creates a challenge for policy makers, state program administrators, and practitioners to be efficient and strategic in their allocation of resources. Without valid and reliable mechanisms to accurately assess caregivers’ needs and effectively target services to those needs, service providers are not able to use their resources wisely and efficiently; nor are caregivers well served leading to higher health care costs. Based on this ever increasing need and 30 years of caregiving research, Dr. Rhonda JV Montgomery and colleagues created the Tailored Caregiver Assessment and Referral® (TCARE®) support system.

TCARE® is an evidenced based care management support system that has been tested through two national randomized control studies and in 2012, was tested with ten Soldier and Family Assistance Centers who work with family caregivers. Through research, TCARE® has shown to;

1) Reduce caregiver depression
2) Reduce caregiver stress and burnout
3) Increase uplifts or the positive outcomes associated with caregiving
4) Reduce the placement of the care receiver in an alternate care setting
5) Decrease the amount of time a care manager spends in crisis management
6) Lead to the efficient use of scarce resources and lower healthcare costs

Below are data charts showing the implications of TCARE® compared to usual practices.





Researchers in the field of caregiving who are interested in collaborative efforts are welcome to contact us to discuss potential partnerships.