Tailored Care Enterprises, LLC has partnerships with local and state governments, social service agencies, research institutions and businesses around the country. We continue to look for new opportunities to serve caregivers and their loved ones. If you have an idea for how we might partner, please contact Jessica Jacobs at 414-899-4324.



TCARE is currently used by more than 250 community-based social and health service organizations and 10 military installations in 17 states, including Washington, Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota and Hawaii.



Tailored Care Enterprises, LLC is pleased to be part of the UWM Research Foundation. The Foundation supports research and innovation through funding for scholarships and grants, and engages in corporate partnering activities.

Learn more about the UWM (UWM Research Foundation) and TCARE partnership by watching our video or please contact Jessica Jacobs at 414-899-4324 or by visiting our Contact Us page.

Learn more about partnership opportunities by visiting the What We Offer page.