Licensed Professionals

As a licensed professional, you are aware of the many challenges involved in the care of someone with a chronic or disabling condition.

You know that family caregivers are frequently involved in helping loved ones with chronic diseases or disabling conditions. However, family caregivers experience a range of emotional and physical challenges as they try to help. Your professional services may be directed toward the family caregiver as much as the care recipient.

TCARE is an evidence based solution that helps caregivers safely and successfully provide care for your patients/clients at home and avoid crisis situations. With TCARE, you can enhance your practice by incorporating a tool that has been shown to effectively support family caregivers. Our approach will enable you to assume a more holistic approach to services with minimal additional overhead expense.

If you’re a licensed professional and would like to use the TCARE program in your practice, here’s how we can help you:

  • TCARE provides a complete six-step guide that incorporates the core elements of care management and has been automated through the development of custom software.
  • The software platform assesses the needs and strengths of caregivers and effectively links to local, regional and national resource databases to support their efforts.
  • Additionally, the software integrates extensive information about the caregiver and the care receiver with decision algorithms that help identify specific goals, strategies and services so care managers can create highly individualized tailored care plans for the caregiver.