As a health care payer, you continually face pressures to provide the best care possible at the lowest possible cost. You also recognize that family caregivers are often instrumental in addressing the long-term care needs of relatives with chronic or disabling conditions.

While family caregivers are motivated by love and concern to care for their loved one at little to no cost, they also experience a range of emotional and physical challenges as they try to help. Without help or guidance, caregivers often give up which leads to greater utilization of costlier formal services.

TCARE is an evidence based solution that helps caregivers safely and successfully provide care for your patients/clients at home and avoid crisis situations. Institutional placement and other costly formal services can be delayed or even prevented if the family caregiver is better prepared to handle caregiving responsibilities at home.

In fact, the State of Washington incorporated TCARE into their Medicaid program and found that the more vested a family caregiver was in the process, the less likely the care receiver was to utilize Medicaid long term care services.

» Washington State Study